Data processing

Data processing

Optional services for data processing range from efficient automated movie alignment or tilt series reconstruction to advanced processes like sub-tomogram averaging, initial model building, or map interpretation.

Data pre-processing

Provides the user with optimized data ready for image processing.

  • A posteriori camera correction (as from Afanasyev et al., 2015, Scientific Reports)
  • Movie alignment (Using Drift Corr script from Li et al., 2013, Nat Methods)
  • Magnification correction (Grant and Grigorieff, 2015, JSB)
  • CTF estimation (CTFFIND 4, Rohou and Grigorieff, 2015, JSB)
  • Overall data quality assessment

Data processing and analysis 

Data processing will be done within a Scipion project environment.


  • Automatic particle picking
  • 2d classification
  • Initial model generation
  • 3d classification
  • 3d refinement


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