2019 Cryo-EM school

The Fall 2019 Cryo-EM School will take place at the Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN) from 28 October to 15 November.

A maximum number of 6 participants will received 3-weeks of hands-on Titan Krios training from the experienced NeCEN EM scientists. 


NeCEN, Leiden University, The Netherlands


  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • The Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN)


The curriculum is divided in two parts.

  1. Online lectures about the theory of cryo-EM single particle analysis as well as practical demonstrations by Grant Jensen (CalTech) and Matthijn Vos (ex. Thermo Fisher Scientific) (http://em-learning.com). The school participants have to follow the online course and take the self-evaluation test before coming to NeCEN for practical hands-on training.
  2. Hands-on practicals on the different aspects taught online.
  • Cryo-EM sample freezing on a vitrobot
  • Cryo-EM grids clipping and loading for autoloader systems
  • Cryo-EM sample screening
  • Titan Krios alignments
  • Automated Single Particle Data Acquisition with EPU
  • Some basics on image processing is optional and can be tuned to each participant interest


If you are interested in registering, please express your interest to NeCEN directly: necen@biology.leidenuniv.nl

The course gives you 3 weeks access to 2 Krios microscopes equipped with Falcon 3EC and K2 Summit cameras, 2 dedicated full-time expert teachers as well as part-time support from other scientists. Housing with breakfast and lunch during the course days as well as transportation on site are included. Not included is travel to Leiden and dinners. The non-profit costs are ~20.000 euro or an equivalent of 20 days pre-purchased Thermo Fisher Scientific on-site application support.

For more details and specific questions, contact the head of NeCEN Ludo Renault: l.renault@biology.leidenuniv.nl