Research projects

research projects

Visualizing macromolecular complexes in three-dimension provides important information about their function in living cells. At present, cryo-electron microscopy is the only way to image macromolecular complexes in a near native state.

The potential to obtain sub-nm, and sometimes near-atomic, resolution three-dimensional images with cryo electron microscopy can have  large impact on many scientific topics that requires information on the structure of molecules and molecular arrangements.

Ongoing developments at NeCEN are aimed at pushing the technological limits related to cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET), cryo-single particle analysis (cryo-SPA), reproducible specimen preparation techniques and automated high performance data processing.

The ambition of NeCEN to be a centre of excellence on the various aspects of cryo electron microscopy can only be fulfilled by ensuring that its infrastructure and expertise are continuously extended, optimized and enhanced through an active research program. For this purpose, NeCEN, FEI Company and academic groups collaborate within a variety of national and international research programs.