Coming up on April 25th: Leiden EM meeting with Dr. Martin Beck

We would like to invite you to the next Leiden EM-meeting with Dr. Martin Beck from the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics. He will speak about ‘How nuclear envelope mechanics influences the nuclear transport machinery’.


Nuclear pore complexes are fundamental components of all eukaryotes. They form giant gateways in the nuclear envelope and facilitate nucleocytoplasmic exchange. We have recently shown that their structure dilates and constricts in response to forces that are externally applied by the nuclear membranes. I will discuss the implications of this interplay for stem cell development and HIV infection.


The meeting will take place on Thursday the 25th of April at 15:30 in room DM1.19 of the Gorlaeus building (Einsteinweg 55 in Leiden) with a ‘borrel’ afterwards.


You can use the livestream link if you are unable to be there in person but would like to participate anyway:


We’ll see you on the 25th!