User access modes

Open Access mode for data collection

The Open Access mode is specifically designed to meet the requirements of companies, institutes, or research groups that would like to make use of the NeCEN facilities without going through a scientific peer-review process. In this mode, access can be provided using the earliest possible open time slot. There will be no delay, nor possible hurdles in getting access based upon scientific grounds. This type of access could well be suitable for industrial or commercial parties. The daily rate for access is open access cost. See this page for current rates. Please apply by submitting an application form.

If you require multiple visits over a calendar year, BAG access (Block Access Group) is a possibility. For more information, contact NeCEN.

Reviewed Access mode for data collection

Currently, NeCEN participates in several European initiatives that could possibly provide financial support for making use of NeCEN.


NEMI is the central entry point for EM in the Netherlands. The Dutch infrastructure (including NeCEN) is accessible to academic researchers from the Netherlands or abroad who are able to succesfully submit a project proposal that meets the criteria of scientific quality. Decisions on proposals will be taken within 3 weeks after submitting the request and microscopy beam time will be scheduled within 6 weeks after acceptance. 75% of the user costs are covered by NEMI, the remaining 25% will be charged to the user (Our Dutch academia user rates apply here.). More information on access requests can be found on the NEMI website.

There are two different kinds of access: 

  • block access: NeCEN reserves days for research that uses more than 12 user days. NEMI issues a yearly call to apply for block access. Please contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list for this call.
  • single visit: NeCEN reserves 15 user days a year for single visits. Please contact us if you would like to request a single visit to our facility.


It is possible to submit a research project proposal to Instruct with the aim to make use of European infrastructure for structural biology applications. NeCEN is one of the infrastructures available through Instruct-ERIC. If you are eligible to make use of Instruct-ERIC, and if your project proposal is granted, an amount of € 1550,- is received per day of access, allowing 2-3 days of access per project. Also (part of) travel and shipping costs are covered by Instruct-ERIC.

To submit an Instruct proposal, please visit the appropriate site.

iNext Discovery

iNext Discovery is a European partnership dedicated to providing trans-national access to all participating facilities for EU based users and users from associated countries. NeCEN is one of the infrastructures available through iNext Discovery. Project proposals can be submitted continuously. If you are eligible to make use of iNext Discovery and if your project proposal is granted, your costs for access to the infrastructure will be covered by the host site (i.e. NeCEN) and you, as a user, do not have to provide funds for this. NeCEN will reimburse regular shipping costs for sending samples and returning unused grids along with the collected data (if you prefer express shipping, the difference will be charged to you).

To submit a project proposal and for more information, please visit the iNext Discovery website.

DTL (Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences)

Dutch life science researchers that want to use the NeCEN facilities can submit their project proposals to the DTL 'Enabling Technologies Hotels' programme to apply for funding. The main applicant must be a scientist at a public research organization. Calls for proposals are usually issued every 2 years, the last call was in 2019. Grants consist of a maximum of € 30000,- per project. 

More information can be found on the DTL website.