Want to use NeCEN services in 2021? Apply to Instruct-ERIC.

Instruct-ERIC is an initiative offering the possibility of free access to Sample Preparation for structural biology studies, Biomolecular Analysis and actual 3D Structural Analysis in facilities in nine European countries. NeCEN is one of the facilities in the Netherlands that is accessible via Instruct-ERIC.


If you are planning to use our services within 2021, we strongly encourage you to submit your application through Instruct. One of the reasons for bringing this to your attention, is that we are concerned that lack of use of facilities via Instruct within 2021 will mean that defending the case of the Netherlands remaining a member from 2022 onwards will be weakened. This will in turn mean that many Instruct facilities will very likely not be freely available after that.


More info about applying is available on the Instruct-ERIC website.