Next Leiden EM meeting with Meindert Lamers on February 29th

We are happy to invite you to the next Leiden EM-meeting with Meindert Lamers from LUMC. He will speak about ‘DNA rules during DNA replication and repair’. The meeting will take place on Thursday the 29th of February at 15:30 in room DM1.19 of the Gorlaeus building (Einsteinweg 55 in Leiden) with a ‘borrel’ afterwards.


DNA replication and DNA repair are complicated cellular processes that require the carefully orchestrated action of a large number of proteins. Any malfunctioning in these processes will lead to termination of DNA replication or incorporation of mutations into the DNA. How the multiple proteins act in a sequentially ordered manner is poorly understood. Our recent studies on DNA mismatch repair as well as the removal of RNA primers from the lagging strand after DNA synthesis reveal surprisingly that it is not a protein-driven organization of events. Instead, our work shows that it is the state of the DNA that rules the sequential action of the proteins.


You can use the livestream link if you are unable to be there in person but would like to participate anyway:


We’ll see you on the 29th!