Next leiden EM meeting with Gabriel Waksman on March 28.

We are excited to invite you to the next Leiden EM-meeting with Gabriel Waksman from University College London. He will speak about ‘Structural and Molecular Biology of Bacterial Conjugation’. The meeting will take place on Thursday the 28th of March at 15:30 in room DM1.19 of the Gorlaeus building (Einsteinweg 55 in Leiden) with a ‘borrel’ afterwards.


Bacterial conjugative type IV secretion systems (T4SS) are nanomachines that transfer DNAs unidirectionally from a donor cell to a recipient cell in a process called conjugation. They are the main means by which antibiotic resistance genes spread among bacterial populations. Before transferring DNA, they elaborate a long extracellular filament, termed conjugative pilus, which serves as conduit for the passage of DNA from donor to recipient cell. Here we will describe recent advances in the field that have provided mechanistic insights on aspects of pilus biogenesis and DNA transfer by these secretion machineries. 


You can use the livestream link if you are unable to be there in person but would like to participate anyway:


We’ll see you on the 28th!