First NEMI User at NeCEN

As of 1st February, the NEMI grant is starting (

The Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure is a Dutch consortium for Electron Microscopy.

In 2018,  the NWO National Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure awarded 17 million euro to NEMI.

Thanks to this grant, NeCEN can now provide highly subsidized access to Dutch groups.

Prof. Peter Peters group from the M4I in Maastricht is the first to make use of this scheme.

Applications from all over The Netherlands have been received. Next in line are Utrecht, Delft, Amsterdam, Leiden, Groningen etc.

NeCEN is still open to applications from outside the NEMI consortium. Direct application from our website from Dutch or International groups is still welcome. Support from external sources such as Instruct and iNEXT is still possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.