Cryo-EM Single particle school on-going at NeCEN

Since Oct 22nd, 6 students are at NeCEN to learn all about cryo-EM.

NeCEN, together with Thermo Fisher Scientific and CNB-CSIC, is running a 4-weeks hands-on course on forming Titan Krios operators and managers. See for more details.

This is the second instance of course after a first 9-weeks pilot that was held at NeCEN in 2017.

So far the students have made good progress and are getting comfortable in preparing sample and collecting good data at the NeCEN machines.

The first week's focus was on image processing:

The second week's focus was on sample preparation and sample screening:

The Third week was on microscope alignement and starting to collect some data:

The fourth week will be "exam week" (each student will have to prepare a standard sample and collect a good quality dataset) and advanced topics (tomography and phase plate)