2nd Instruct Workshop on cryoEM best practices

NeCEN is organising the second Instruct workshop on cryoEM best practices on 15-16 Oct 2018


Following on the success of the first Instruct Workshop on cryoEM best practices held in Harwell in May 2017 (link), NeCEN is organising the second version that will take place in Leiden, Netherlands on 15-16 Oct 2018.

The workshop is intended to promote sharing of experiences by EM user facilities and is open to EM facility scientists, manager and computing specialists both from Academia and Industry (max 30 participants). Presentations by some of the large cryoEM facilities will take place and some focus will be given towards operations, remote control, efficient usage of the machines and live processing in two separate sessions followed by round tables discussions.

On the second day, a tour of Thermo Fisher Nanoport and Factory in Eindhoven, where Krios microscopes are assembled, is organised.


Daniel Clare (eBIC, Harwell, UK) at Instruct Centre Diamond Light Source

Marta Carroni (SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden)

Rebecca Thompson (Astbury Centre, Leeds, UK)

Wim Hagen (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)

Pablo Conesa (CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) at Instruct Centre for Computational Biology

Rodrigo Portugal (LNNano, Campinas, Brazil)

Ottilie von Loeffelholz (Integrated Structural Biology, IGBMC, Illkrich) at Instruct Centre France 1

Xueming Li (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

Dimitry Tegunov (MPI-BPC, Gottingen, Germany)

Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann (ESRF, Grenoble, France)

Registration to the workshop is now closed.

During the workshop, meals and coffees are covered. No support for accommodation or travel is provided. There is no onsite accommodation but several hotels nearby. We can assist you for booking a hotel if necessary.


Ludo Renault, Susanne Roodhuyzen


To share best practices between cryoEM centres for the delivery of services to academia and companies.


Day 1 – Monday 15th Oct

12:30 Registration – Light Lunch

13:30 Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Operations and ensuring efficiency of access

13:45 An update on eBIC - Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC), Diamond Light Source, UK (Daniel Clare)

14:15 Swedish National CryoEM facility: combining screening and data collection for internal and external users - SciLifeLab, Stockholm, Sweden (Marta Carroni)

14:45 Cryo-EM at Leeds- approaches and challenges for high resolution data acquisition – Astbury Centre, Leeds, UK (Rebecca Thompson)

15:15 Unified EM setup: the benefits of SerialEM for facilities – EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany (Wim Hagen)

15:45 Coffee Break

16:15 – 17:15 Discussion 1 (chairs: Marta Carroni & Ludo Renault)

  • Remote viewing
  • Remote control
  • Ensuring efficient usage of the machines

17:15 - 17:40 Short break and tour of NeCEN facility

17:40 - 18:20 Current status and perspectives of Cryo-EM in Brazil – LNNano, Campinas, Brazil (Rodrigo Portugal)

18:20 - 19:00 Cryo-EM at the European Synchrotron - Current status and future developments - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France (Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann)

19:30 Dinner

Day 2 – Tuesday 16th Oct

Session 2: Data management and live processing

9:00 Pipeline data collection at the IGBMC cryo-EM platform –IGBMC, Illkrich, France (Ottilie von Loeffelholz )

9:30 Scipion for facilities – CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain (Pablo Conesa)

10:00 System for high-throughput cryo-EM at atomic resolution - Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (Xueming Li)

10:30 Cryo-EM data pre-processing at full Warp – MPI-BPC Gottingen, Germany (Dimitry Tegunov)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 - 12:30 Discussion 2 (chairs: Pablo Conesa & Ludo Renault)

  • Data Management
  • Live processing
  • Deliverables

12:30 Light Lunch

Optional tour of Thermo Fisher Scientific Nanoport and factory in Eindhoven

13:15 Departure for Thermo Fisher Scientific

15:30 Thermo Fisher factory and Nanoport visit

17:30 Returning to Leiden

19:30 end of meeting