People - Christoph Diebolder

Christoph Diebolder

Christoph Diebolder is a Senior EM Scientist at NeCEN.

For his PhD research he joined the groups of Piet Gros at Utrecht University, and Bram Koster, Leiden University Medical Centre, and worked between 2009 and 2014 under the supervision of Roman Koning on his thesis titled: “Structural studies by cryo-electron tomography of two initiation complexes of the immune system: C1-IgG6 and NAIP5-NLRC4”. From 2014-2015 Christoph Diebolder worked as researcher at the LUMC and joined NeCEN in April 2015 as EM scientist, and since 2017 as Sr. EM Scientist.

His main expertise are single particle cryo-electron microscopy and tomography as well as development of advanced methods for reconstruction and evaluation of cryo-electron tomograms. His main responsibilities at NeCEN include the day to day operation and maintenance of the two Titan Krios transmission electron microscopes as well as teaching and training of cryo-electron microscopists.