It is important for NeCEN to be in close contact with the electron microscopy community. For that purpose, a NeCEN User Advisory Committee (UAC) was founded to provide bi-monthly feedback to the NeCEN team, either by teleconferences or face-to-face meetings, with the aim to continue improving all aspects of accessibly and performance. 


The User Advisory Committee currently includes: Delft University (Marileen Dogterom, Andreas Engel, and Arjen Jacobi), Groningen University (Christina Paulino and Gert Oostergetel), Leiden University (Ariane Briegel), Leiden University Medical Center (Bram Koster and Roman Koning), Netherlands Cancer Institute (Titia Sixma), Maastricht University (Peter Peters), Utrecht University (Piet Gros and Friedrich Förster, chair) and Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly FEI; Steve Reyntjens).


For those who would like to join the User Advisory Committee, please contact the chair of the committee (Friedrich Förster) to discuss possibilities.